$250 Cash for Assisted Living Referral



Caring for a loved one can be difficult, both physically and emotionally. One of the hardest decisions for a caregiver is when to recommend your loved one move to an assisted living community, memory care facility, or nursing home.

Now, the American Grandparents Association has joined with Caring.com to help you with that decision. Our new residence finder provides you with over 15,000 assisted living, memory care and nursing home options all over the country. Just enter a zip code, and you'll find a description of the top facilities in your area along with the features they include, as well as consumer reviews. Prefer to talk to a housing specialist? Call (800) 230-1484.

As a benefit just for AGA premium members, you can receive a $250 referral check If you use our residence finder, choose a facility recommended by Caring.com and your family member moves in (they've booked and payed for their first 30 nights accommodation).

How the referral works:

1. Use the residence finder or call the number.

2. Choose a facility for your loved one.

3. When your loved one moves in and has been at the facility 30 days, Caring.com will alert the AGA.

4. The AGA will send you your referral fee.

Call (800) 230-1484 or click here to get started.


* You must be a premium member of the AGA to get the referral bonus. ** The AGA reserves the right to change the terms of this offer at any time. ***Cash bonus subject to AGA being paid by Caring.com

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